""Vidyalankar’s constant support, supervision and conducive environment were of paramount importance. The teachers were always approachable and willing to help. The healthy competition helped bring out the best in me. I owe my success in the JEE Advanced to Vidyalankar.""

- Sahil Shah (AIR 21 - JEE Advanced 2016)


""I owe my entire success to Vidyalankar Team. The teachers were available round the clock to help us, to support us & to motivate us. I would recommend Vidyalankar to all those who aspire to join IITs.""

- Pranav Rao (AIR 26 - JEE Advanced 2016)


""One needs to have a right kind of coaching to succeed in any competitive exams. I would like to thank Vidyalankar for their excellent coaching and brilliant tests which help me a lot in preparing for JEE advanced and other competitive exams.""

- Karan Jain (AIR 35 - JEE Advanced 2014)


""Teachers at Vidyalankar taught us to be very self motivated and having seen my teachers always keen to help me, it really help set going and pursue my interest with passion.""

- Chirag Shetty (AIR 61 - IIT JEE 2012)


""I had this opportunity to study at Vidyalankar and it has proved to be very fruitful. Vidyalankar has provided a favorable environment, helpful notes, encouraging teachers. They completed IIT JEE syllabus before time which gave me plenty time to prepare for the tests. Quick assessment and feedback helped me eliminate errors.""

- Anand Dhoot (AIR 83 - JEE Advanced 2013)


""I joined Vidyalankar in 10th std and since then, I have never looked back. We had training sessions for all competitive exams. The syllabus was completed around 8 months in advance before the IIT JEE exam which gave us the chance to revise the entire syllabus effectively. The faculty is amazing here. They encourage you a lot.""

- Aditya Kale (AIR 93 - JEE Advanced 2013)

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